cut, paste Examples

cut, paste Examples

cut - remove sections from each line of files

cut OPTION... [FILE]...

-b<list>:  select only these bytes

-c<list>: select only these characters

-d<delim>: use <delim> instead of TAB for field delimiter

-f<list>: select only these fields;  also print any line that contains  no
          delimiter character, unless the -s option is specified

--complement: complement the set of selected bytes, characters or fields

-s:  do not print lines not containing delimiters

--output-delimiter=<string>: use <string> as the output delimiter the 
                             default is to use the in put delimiter


paste - merge lines of files

paste [OPTION]... [FILE]...

Write  lines  consisting  of  the sequentially corresponding lines from
each FILE, separated by TABs, to standard output.

With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

-d<char>: use character <char> instead of TABs
for further information see the manual pages for cut(1), paste(1)

examples assembled by andreas schmidt for the DBKDA 2021 conference